Ball and Foam Rolling

thumb_img_1487_1024_1   Learn very easy self-massage techniques for increasing vitality and relieving pain. We will use a variety of tools: balls, rollers, to release soft tissue. Learn more about your body, what it’s telling you and how YOU can help it.

Benefits of Self-Care For Fitness

  • Unburden areas of high-tension

  • Release trigger points

  • Revive overworked muscles

  • Improve sports performance

  • Decrease recovery time

  • Keep your body supple and strong for injury prevention

  • Improve circulation and boost your lymphatic system

  • Improve posture

Who Can Benefit?
ball rolling.jpg
EVERYONE!… Ball and Foam Roller classes are an effective self-care practice, as well as a wonderful complement to yoga, dance, weight training, running or any other fitness program you may follow.

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