Physical Therapy

All Core Connections Physical Therapy sessions are one-on-one for 50+ minutes.  Each visit will include evaluation/reevaluation, postural analysis, manual assessment of soft tissue and joints, personalized instruction and home program to help you reach you goals.  We will continually emphasize intelligent movement with proper alignment and use of Pilates Principles.  All series must be used within 6 months.  We have a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Orthopedic Injury Treatment
PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
Functional Exercises
Manual Therapy (Joint and Soft Tissue Mobilization)
Chronic Pain
Workers Comp
Pre/Post Surgeries
Neck and Spinal Pain/Dysfunction
Hip Pain
Postural Training
Sports Medicine
Knee Pain
Ankle and Foot Pain
Shoulder and Elbow Pain
Therapeutic Exercises
Neuro-Muscular Rehabilitation
Gait and Balance Treatment
Pediatric and Geriatric

Initial Evaluation:

$170.00 First Visit/Initial Evaluation

145.00 return (50+ Min.)

5 Pack 650.00 (10% discount)

10 pack 1235.00 (15% discount)

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