“Kelly has the magical intuitive touch to help heal our bodies.”

“When I first started working with Kelly, I could not move my left arm or shoulder in anyway. Her intuitive expertise about the body relieved me of excruciating pain and lack of movement. Her knowledge about our physical bodies and the connection to our emotions and psyche was valuable to my healing process. With Kelly’s hands on approach I was able to work through  years of stuck emotions. Kelly helped connect my emotions with my body, which in turn released the physically stuck places. I now have full range of motion in my shoulder and arm and I am pain free.  I continue to work with Kelly to learn techniques and body mechanics to stay pain free in all areas of my body.”

Vicky Schot

“Kelly is an excellent teacher who shares her vast knowledge, experience, and skills with thoughtfulness, care, and a concern for each person in the class.  She is sensitive to individual needs and creates an atmosphere where students feel comfortable and forthcoming with questions and individual concerns.  She pays close attention to how each person is doing the various exercises and monitors each individual to make sure there is understanding and correct execution.”

Sheila Gottehrer

“I started seeing Kelly when I was 60, wanting help with a bum knee that the orthopedist said was just a little arthritis for which there was nothing to be done.  With her holistic approach, Kelly helped me develop a new relationship with my body. I learned how to use muscles I didn’t even know I had; strengthening my core; stretching tendons in my calves, feet, and ankles; increasing flexibility in my ribs, neck, wrists, and toes. Now five years later, I feel five years younger than I did when I started with her, so I feel as if I’m 10 years younger than I would have felt without Kelly’s knowledge, intuition, and skills. I’ve gained immeasurably in my quality of life, walking with greater ease and lightness. Even my singing has improved thanks to my new-found rib flexibility, lung capacity, and core support. Oh, and my knee doesn’t hurt any more – as long as I remember to use the proper breathing, stretching, and postural techniques that Kelly has so patiently taught me. I highly recommend Kelly! She will quickly determine whether her approach is a good match with your health concerns.”

Barbara Goza-Chemers

“Looking for expert, compassionate physical therapists? I highly recommend Core Connections.

I injured my shoulder in a fall. Kelly Otis, owner, was referred to me by a well known local orthopedist. Kelly worked with me for about 6-7 sessions before I felt well again.

Kelly opened her clinic about 3 years ago. I started seeing her regularly every since.

You are never too old to try to keep mobile. I am 90 years old. Thanks to core connections I still exercise with their combination of physical therapy and pilates. I am able to function at my best for my age.”

Lillian Burton