Physical Therapy, Personal Training and Pilates can kick-start your return to exercise and help you achieve intelligent body movement that supports your daily life and sports fitness goals.

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 Achieve your goals of exercising without hurting yourself, striving for optimal balance of strength, and increased joint mobility and flexibility. We combine physical therapy with Pilates exercises and equipment to detect improper joint alignment or body movement that can lead to continued chronic injuries and/or pain. After a careful evaluation of your history and challenges, each visit is customized to meet your personal movement goals and exercise comfort level.


Core Connections Physical Therapy is a perfect balance of manual therapy and movement re-education serving Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County and surrounding areas.

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Upcoming Events and Workshops:


Pilates For Life



Don’t be fooled! This 4 -week  pilates series is a small class and will challenge you to the CORE! Align, strengthen and stabilize with Chloe Haeuser (BASI Certified Pilates Instructor)  in this mat class using Pilates methods, small equipment, such as the new and exciting OOV,  MELT on the foam roller and much more.

Chloe’s goal with each client is to create an intuitive and focused workout which addresses an individual’s specific needs. She aspires not only to train clients but also to educate them to incorporate Pilates principles throughout their daily routines.

      Pilates For Life Pricing

60 minute class

◆ 6pm Tues. Jan 2, 16, 23, 30

$20.00/drop in, $70.00/4 pack

    (Max 8 persons)