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What Can Core Connections
Physical Therapy and Pilates do for you?

  • Programs provide 50 minutes+ for one on one physical therapy and coaching for individualized instruction.

  • Provide a personalized custom program to meet your individual movement goals and exercise comfort level.

  • Combine Physical Therapy with Pilates exercises and many other pieces of equipment to address your specific health needs.

  • Teach you intelligent and pain-free movement and strive for optimal balance of strength, improving flexibility and joint mobility.

  • Reeducate your body for movement patterns that are sustainable.

  • Provide visualization to understand your ideal movement lifestyle, correct dysfunctional movement patterns with Pilates exercises and teach you change movement strategies for more efficient and powerful outcomes.

  • Achieve joint and soft tissue release using manual therapy techniques including visceral and craniosacral.


  • Consistently retest movement patterns to measure effectiveness of Therapies, level of discomfort and movement retraining.

  • Integrate breath with movement allowing access to the deeper layer of muscles in our bodies that serve to stabilize and protect joint complexes and the spine.

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