Pilates & CoreAlign

Pilates classes provide increased joint stability, movement, flexibility and core strength training. Join us to reach your fitness goals, increase flexibility and be pain free. We offer Private and Duet Pilates classes taught by Certified PMA, BASI and Polestar Pilates Instructors.

Physical Therapy & Visceral Manipulation

All Core Connections Physical Therapy sessions are one-on-one with an experienced Physical Therapist for 50+ minutes.  After a thorough initial evaluation, each visit may include a manual and visual assessment of soft tissue, joint mobility, neural mobility, visceral mobility, balance, strength and flexibility. We also evaluate posture and movement strategies while setting up a personalized home program to help you reach you goals.

Personal Training & Self Care

Are you frustrated with the inability to go to a gym or find an activity or sport that is a pain-free experience? Many of our customers have done the Gym thing. Signed up and attended for a short while but find they are not getting enough support to learn correct movement and motion to build strength and stability. 

What sets Core Connections apart from other Physical Therapy clinics and Pilates studios is we see and work with our clients in private spaces only...working one-on-one.

We are careful to schedule our clients apart and set up a waiting area outside the clinic in our lobby.


Core Connections resides in a beautiful open space building in Scotts Valley... easy to get to from the freeway.

Aside from private rooms and excellent pilates equipment for movement reeducation, we have CoreAlign to help with good body mechanics in standing and walking.


Maintaining social distance is easy here and we always wear masks. 


Maintaining a good practice of equipment sanitation is priority.


We purify the air in our space from bacteria and viruses with a high-end MOLEKULE.

In addition to our in person appointments, contact us to schedule a Physical Therapy or Pilates Virtual appointment today!

We work with one person at a time, and clean surfaces between clients.

Masks are worn by both clients and therapists in the studio.

If you are feverish please let us know ahead of time, we can also take your temperature if you are uncertain.

Equipment, door handles, vinyl or metal surfaces, will be disinfected upon arrival and exit.

Hand sanitizer will be available in the studio, in case you sneeze, touch your face, or need tissues during your visit.

We realize that masks are uncomfortable inside, so you are always welcome to go outside, take a break, and get fresh air during a session.

Kick-Start your return to exercise. Achieve intelligent body movement that supports your daily life and sports fitness goals. We combine skilled manual therapies with pilates-based exercises on our equipment to detect improper joint alignment. We understand improper body movement can lead to continued chronic injuries and/or pain. After a careful evaluation of your history and challenges, each visit is customized to meet your personal movement goals. We will find the right balance of exercise and comfort level.

Core Connections Physical Therapy and Pilates is a perfect balance of manual therapy and movement re-education. We proudly serve Santa Cruz County and surrounding areas.